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Technology Purchasers in 12 Western States Can Buy Chromebooks and Related Solutions from CTL Using the DigitalEdge Contract

Technology purchasers in 12 Western states may now buy Chromebooks and related solutions from CTL, under the DigitalEdge purchasing program. Now in its 13th year, the DigitalEdge purchasing program has saved purchasers an average of 17% on their instructional technology costs. The DigitalEdge program is available to technology purchasers in 12 Western states including Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

“The DigitalEdge is pleased to award a competitive contract to CTL. They were the lowest bidder on the catalog of products that they offered. They demonstrated that they have the experience and means to carry out the contract requirements and to provide an outstanding customer service experience. The catalog that was awarded to CTL provides many great products and services at very competitive prices to eligible purchasers,” said Debbie Tschirgi, Director, Digital Learning Services and DigitalEdge Educational Service District 112.

“CTL is proud to offer Chromebook solutions through the DigitalEdge contract. We look forward to assisting schools, libraries and other governmental agencies to upgrade their classrooms and working environments with the latest technology,” said CTL’s CMO, Mike Mahanay.

Technology purchasers in 12 states holding the DigitalEdge contract can buy the CTL J2 Chromebook for Education, CTL J4 Chromebook for Education, CTL NL6 Education Chromebook, CTL Bulk Packs of 15+ Chromebooks, custom logo painting for 100+ Chromebooks and store/charge cart wiring services. For more information or to purchase CTL Chromebooks and solutions using the DigitalEdge contract, download the CTL Catalog for Chromebooks and Related Solutions or visit the DigitalEdge web page http://www.esd112org/DigitalEdgePro/Content/Docs/CTL Catalog 2015A.pdf.

The DigitalEdge purchasing program at ESD 112 provides competitively bid contracts on educational technology, wireless tablets, and audio-visual solutions that are available to “eligible technology purchasers” in twelve western states including K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, regional service agencies, state departments and other governmental agencies. For more information about DigitalEdge, including state eligibility, please visit

CTL has a 25-year history of serving public sector agencies and understands the technology and IT solutions needed by schools and governments. The award of the DigitalEdge purchasing agreement for the category of Chromebooks and Related Solutions will allow CTL to expand their ability to best serve their public sector customers. For more information on CTL’s GovEd pricing, visit

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
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Stephanie Shea
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