JOB POSTING: Tigard-Tualatin SD Technology Help Desk Specialist

CTL’s long time customer Tigard Tualatin School District has a job opening in the TTSD Technology Department for a Help Desk Specialist.  This is an existing 12 position, being vacated by a retirement.  The closing date for applications is Thursday, November 18th.

For detailed information about this position and to apply :

Summary of duties include:

  • ~80% of job: Tier I technical support for end-users via telephone and remote desktop with EXCELLENT customer support skills
  • ~20% of job: Technology Dept. office manager (admin assistant to Director of Technology, paperwork/filing, etc)
Mike Mahanay

Mike Mahanay

Chief Marketing Officer at CTL
When not spending time with my wife and daughter outside, or hiking, or cooking, or remodeling my house (or taking pictures of any of the above), I’m the Chief Marketing Officer here at CTL.
Mike Mahanay


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