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We know that IT professionals have a full plate, and the last thing they need is a hassle when they want to do a simple self-repair. While other computer manufacturers state that self-repair will void existing warranties and refuse to offer parts, CTL supports self-repair for qualified IT professionals. Let’s say you have a Chromebook or laptop that just needs a new keyboard. With other companies, you probably have to ship your unit to a corporate headquarters that may be clear across the country, or the world. Then, you’re at the mercy of the company to replace the keyboard on their timeline. By the time you get the unit back you’ve wasted valuable time and on something you could have done in about five minutes!

At CTL, here’s how it will work if you’d like to self-repair: First, we need to confirm that you’re a qualified IT Professional. You can access this simple jot form here. Let us know your CTL model and describe what parts you’ll need. We keep parts on hand in our warehouse, located in Beaverton, Oregon so you won’t be waiting for spare parts to come in from overseas. We’ll ship you what you need and you’ll be able to easily and quickly take care of simple self-repairs hassle free! If your product is still under warranty, not to worry. Self-repairs do not void CTL’s warranties.

CTL takes pride in our customer service and our hassle-free self-repair policy is just another way to support our customers. If you’re an IT professional, don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative to learn more!

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
Stephanie Shea holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has almost 20 years of writing experience ranging from newspaper reporting to PR, blogging, website copy, product descriptions, social media and advertising. When she’s not at CTL, Stephanie can be found playing the tenor sax, practicing astrology or hitting the running trails in Forest Park.
Stephanie Shea
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