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In the March 13th issue of ‘Education Week’ CTL’s Mike Mananay spoke about the The Maine 1:1 MultiState Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) Contract. The contract is made up of several states that have joined together to change how state and local governments buy educational-technology devices and services while making it work towards their advantage.

Maine has taken the lead in the Multi-State Learning Technology Initiative, but other partners include Hawaii and Vermont while other states are looking to come on board as additional partners. Forty-six states, plus district of Columbia have agreed to adopt common-core standards.

Ten years ago Maine put forth an effort to get a laptop in every middle schoolers’ hands, which is referred to as a 1-to-1 venture. Today every 7th and 8th grader in Maine has a laptop of their own and approximately half of all high schoolers are enrolled in the program too.

Five proposals from three different companies were put forth and selected. Those three companies include CTL, Apple and HP. Mike  Mahanay of CTL was quoted recently in this week’s Education Week.

The holistic nature of the multistate request is very different from the requests educational technology vendors are used to seeing, which tend to be very “spec-based and configuration-based,” said Mike Mahanay, the general manager of sales and marketing for CTL, one of the selected companies. He said he interpreted a recent RFP released by the 660,000-student Los Angeles Unified School District, which is trying to phase in a 1-to-1 computing program, as very similar to Maine’s in requiring relatively broad services.

The amount of business that could come to CTL through the multistate contract would depend on several factors, Mr. Mahanay noted, such as state and local funding for school technology and the size of the technology projects policymakers choose to take on.

Yet if his company finalizes a deal with Maine and the other states, “it certainly would be a very big part of our business,” he said. His company sees multi-state contracts as a positive development, one that “could open the door to more 1-to-1 [efforts] around the country.”

Source: “Maine Leading Initiative for Multistate Tech Buys” by Sean Cavanagh

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
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Stephanie Shea
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