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Student-Proof Chromebooks for Education

Student-Proof Chromebooks for Education

Laura Helms

Laura Helms

Content Manager at CTL
Laura Helms holds a BA in Applied Linguistics and has been working in content and social media management for 4+ years. Native to the Pacific Northwest when she isn't in front of a computer screen you can find her teaching yoga or creating large scale mosaic murals.
Laura Helms

Accidents happen, and we’ve all gone through those awkward childhood years which all but guarantee that if there is something to spill, it will spill; if there is something to drop, it will drop; and if there’s something to break, it will break. CTL understands this and has worked hard to create an ultra-rugged, student-proof Chromebook designed to stand up to spills, drops, and accidents.

Spill Proof Keyboards: No More Crying Over Spilled Milk on Your Chromebooks

Your students have a lot on their plates and hopefully they aren’t using their chromebooks as one. But in the event that liquids are spilled on the keyboard, CTL’s Chromebooks can handle that. Each CTL Chromebook for Education has a built-in membrane around the keyboard and touchpad that allows up to 11 oz. of liquid to be channeled away from important electronics. That’s almost a whole bottle of water! If a spill occurs, all the user needs to do is tip the Chromebook up and allow the water to drain off before wiping down.

Drop Resistant Design Helps Protect CTL Chromebooks

2.3 feet is about the average distance from desk to floor, hand to ground, and “whoops” to “crash”. Luckily, CTL Chromebooks have been drop tested to withstand a fall of this distance. Their sturdy design features a stronger, thicker rear cover frame around the screen, sides, and edges which helps absorb and reduces the risk of damage when dropped.

CTL’s J Series Chromebooks for education feature a textured cover which diminishes the appearance of scratches and dings and makes it easier to grip. The CTL NL61 Series Chromebooks come with a durable carrying handle. And all of CTL’s Chromebooks for Education can be purchased with CTL’s X-Protect (patent pending) cover, which can withstand pressure and heavy weight on top, reducing breaks by up to 90%.

Watch the video below to see a Do Not Try This at Home demonstration from our CTL Spain team!

There’s a Warranty for That

If your students do manage to break their Chromebooks, CTL has a free 1-year warranty on accidental damage to the J5 series and an affordable build-your-own warranty for all other CTL products. CTL also offers a variety of replacement parts to allow your IT teams to make onsite repairs. The majority of CTL replacement parts are housed in our Portland office, meaning you’ll receive your orders as quickly as possible.

Learn more about CTL Chromebooks for Education and current specials. Go to:

Ordering Chromebook Parts for Self-Repair Has Never Been Easier!

Ordering Chromebook Parts for Self-Repair Has Never Been Easier!

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
Stephanie Shea holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has almost 20 years of writing experience ranging from newspaper reporting to PR, blogging, website copy, product descriptions, social media and advertising. When she’s not at CTL, Stephanie can be found playing the tenor sax, practicing astrology or hitting the running trails in Forest Park.
Stephanie Shea

Schools approved for self-repair and under warranty will have their CTL Chromebook parts shipped to arrive at their location within two business days*.  

We’ve got great news for our education customers who are approved for Chromebook self-repair and under warranty! We’ve streamlined our process to get you the Chromebook parts you need in a matter of days. At CTL, we’re proud to offer self-repair for busy qualified education IT professionals, a convenience that isn’t made available by our competitors. If you’d like to self-repair, we’ll just need to confirm that you’re a qualified IT Professional. To get started, access this simple jot form here.

Here’s how schools approved for self-repair with Chromebooks under warranty can get started with self-repairs and acquiring Chromebook parts:

  • Visit to get assistance with finding the parts you need.
  • A staff member dedicated to answering self-repair inquiries will assist you via Olark Chat
  • Should you need to purchase parts not under warranty, it’s fast and easy to order them from
  • You can even include a PO in your web order!

However, any customers who are simply seeking Chromebook parts can also easily purchase them by going to and clicking on the link, “Need Chromebook Parts?” at the top of the page. From there, you’ll be linked to our complete inventory of Chromebook parts including panels, covers, jacks, hinges, cables, adaptors, keyboards, and more. If you need assistance finding what you need, just type into the chat window that appears on this page and one of our team members dedicated to self-repair parts will be able to help you. We keep parts on hand in our warehouse, located in Beaverton, Oregon so you won’t be waiting for spare parts to come in from overseas.

At CTL, we take pride in our customer service. That’s why self-repairs won’t void your CTL warranty. Due to our recent improvements to the Chromebook parts ordering process, customers will now receive their parts within two business days. For schools on the east coast, this is a difference of five days earlier! If your school is approved for self-repair and under warranty, take advantage of our hassle-free process. Or, if you are a customer who wishes to purchase Chromebook parts, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is working together to make sure the ticket, order, parts, and shipping happens as quickly as possible.
*Exact shipping time is dependant on the time of day the order is placed.