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Why CTL Works Harder to Earn Your Business and What Our Customers Have to Say About It

Why CTL Works Harder to Earn Your Business and What Our Customers Have to Say About It

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
Stephanie Shea holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has almost 20 years of writing experience ranging from newspaper reporting to PR, blogging, website copy, product descriptions, social media and advertising. When she’s not at CTL, Stephanie can be found playing the tenor sax, practicing astrology or hitting the running trails in Forest Park.
Stephanie Shea

Contact CTL Today to Learn More! Whether you’re a Department of Education, School District, individual school, Government agency, business of any size, or individual end user, CTL will work harder than our competition to deliver your ideal technology solution.

CTL has been in business for more than 26 years, operating locally in the Portland, Oregon area. Over the years, we’ve built long-term relationships with our valued customers as we continue to diversify and expand into new markets. CTL has been recognized as one of Oregon’s fastest growing companies and was listed by the Business Journal as one of the Top Hardware Technology Companies in Portland. But CTL is hard at work for customers across the nation and around the globe. We’re proud to say that we earned the MLTI 1:1 Education contract alongside tech industry giants such as Apple and HP. In 2016, CTL was exclusively awarded the Nevada Ready 21 contract, this time, winning over some much larger companies. In the past few years, we’ve expanded into the European Marketplace and now have offices in Vigo, Spain and Stuttgart, Germany.  

CTL has grown a lot… However, CTL is still smaller than some of the large Multi-National computer hardware corporations. CTL has been here in Oregon since we started and we’ve learned what it takes to compete against larger competitors. We know that bigger is not always better. When you call CTL, you’ll be calling a USA-based company, and be greeted by a friendly person instead of a frustrating automated phone system. We understand that quality products and excellent customer service helped us get where we are today and we’re grateful for your business. We’re interested in helping our customers solve problems, not just selling them products. Our competitors may be bigger, but CTL works harder to earn your business. Don’t just take our word for it. Below are just a few of the great testimonials and reviews we’re constantly receiving. Thanks to these customers for their appreciative words. We promise to keep up the good work.

What our Education Customers Have to Say

“CTL Chromebooks have been an outstanding addition to our district. They have been much more reliable and dependable than any other brand we have here. Our staff and students have been nothing but pleased with their performance.”

Barry Cory, Technology Director
Fairview South School District 72 in Illinois


“Everything about CTL speaks to quality. The devices have offered the kind of consistent performance, battery life, ease of use and management, and ruggedness we have needed for some time. The service I have received from you and your colleagues has been impressive, consistently hitting the right mix of ease and swiftness, professionalism and friendliness. Thank you for running a business that serves our school so well.”

Jonathan T. Sallée, M.Ed., Supervisor of Technology
Lincoln Elementary School District 156


“Over the last year, CTL has been our source for student Chromebooks. Their price was right and still is. The devices are packed expertly and arrive on schedule. The Chromebooks were delivered as promised without issue. We were never disappointed. I would highly recommend CTL as a technology vendor.”

Ryan Case, Greenport Union Free School District


“Chromebooks are Chromebooks . . . NOT!  The little extra’s from CTL have pushed them ahead of the others, not to mention the personal attention from the Sales staff and the Tech Department.”

Cris Sidell, Cedar Cliff Schools


Customer Reviews of the CTL J5 Chromebook

“Been using it since the beginning of term as school has gone over to Chromebooks – never used one before but really simple and love how you can use it as a tablet. It seems very sturdy as most CTL product are and ideal for the classroom environment. It really easy to transfer all my class material over to it and project it to the screen.”

John J., Amazon customer


“I received this as a gift from my Amazon Wish List. This is replacing my first Chromebook which is a Acer C720. Why the switch? Two reasons:

1- the CTL J5 is on the list of Chromebooks that are to get Android Apps support. The Acer is not.

2- More importantly is the J5 is solid and has been drop tested and is spill resistant.

The IPS screen is very good when viewing at an angle. Fingerprints are a bit of a problem but easily corrected by using a stylus which l usually use to lessen typos due to my shaking hands. The 360-degree hinge is great for me as I have to change positions often. Battery life is great – about 10 – 10.5 hours.”

William S., Amazon customer


Customer Reviews of the CTL J2 Chromebook

“Have had this computer for less than a week but I already love it. As a college student studying microbiology, being able to open multiple tabs and download a large number of files for reviewing, note taking, and studying is critical, which is why I love this thing.

It’s super light so I can carry it to class, the lab, and back to my dorm to study easily. It has a super long battery life so I don’t have to worry about being gone all day and it works great even with over five or six tabs open! All the things I need are online (google docs, slides, and sheets are great) and the processing speed is impressive compared to my old mac. Even video quality, which I wasn’t expecting much from, is pretty great and can handle everything I’ve thrown at it so far.”

Guy Hult, Amazon customer


“This laptop is amazing!! It out performs my last laptop in every way, and the battery life is excellent! This Chromebook is perfect for school and I am beyond satisfied with its performance. I absolutely love the simplicity of this laptop and it’s light enough to carry around.”

E.V., Amazon Customer

Why Buy CTL? We Let Our Customers Tell You

Why Buy CTL? We Let Our Customers Tell You

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
Stephanie Shea holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has almost 20 years of writing experience ranging from newspaper reporting to PR, blogging, website copy, product descriptions, social media and advertising. When she’s not at CTL, Stephanie can be found playing the tenor sax, practicing astrology or hitting the running trails in Forest Park.
Stephanie Shea

Why Buy CTL? Our Customers Share Their Experience

CTL_imageWhy Buy CTL? We could write a blog post explaining why CTL offers such great products, support and service. But rather than asking you to take our word for it, we decided to have some of our happy customers share their favorite things about working with us. These testimonials come from just a few of our satisfied customers who appreciate working with a tech company with 25 year history  that has USA based service and support. Read on to discover how CTL goes the extra mile to keep our customers happy.


“Centennial School District has been working with CTL for a few years now on projects ranging from large scale projector and Chromebook deployments to smaller, single classroom needs. Their customer service is top-notch. When I need a quote for a new order we get it the same day and usually within a few hours. For RMA’s their support team is quick, courteous, and always communicates well the status of ticket. CTL’s management does an excellent job reaching out to their K-12 customers for feedback and genuinely works with their customers to improve upon their products and service. I highly recommend CTL to anyone who is looking for great products, service, and competitive pricing.”

Frank Decker, Executive Supervisor, Instructional Technology & Assessment
Centennial School District


“Working with CTL has been a great investment for the Hillsboro School District. CTL provides a great value for the pure hard costs of the technology we are wanting to deploy in our schools. And from my perspective, and equally as important, they excel at providing exceptional value in the soft costs of purchasing technology; time spent researching specs, value in added in providing support on fundamental design and deployment strategies, excellent working relationship. Working with CTL has been and continues to be a value added relationship for our district. I trust them and am able to count on them delivering what they commit to and when they commit to doing it.”

Don Wolff, Chief Information Officer
Hillsboro School District 1J


“With over two decades in the tech industry, and five years with CTL, I can honestly say CTL has been the best company to work with. From sales to support the process is always painless.  Fortunately, I never use the support side much, but my few experiences there have been quick and responsive with great results. Being on the state contract list makes it easy to spend the majority of my tech budget with CTL, especially when I’m worried about ROI on an ever tightening budget.”

Don Mespelt, Technology Coordinator
Administrative School District 10
Seaside School District


“Working with CTL has been a benefit to our organization. We have found value in working with CTL and their products are serviceable and many use modular components and allow our technicians the ability to repair machines through their in-house certification program. This has allowed us to keep our costs of keeping machines operating low.  We have been using CTL Chromebooks as our standard issue and they have been robust and cost-effective, providing a lot of value to our organization. We are very pleased with the performance, cost, and ongoing reliability of the products that we have received from CTL. Their sales and customer support staff are top notch!”

David Klusman
Oregon City School District


“I have been working with CTL for about a year, sourcing all of our desktop PC’s as well as some data infrastructure equipment. CTL has been easy to work with, always meeting stated timelines, and providing right sized solutions that fit our business needs. Additionally every person I have interacted with at CTL has been outgoing, friendly, helpful and a team that is truly enjoyable to work with.”

Marsha Lawton, IT Manager
Powell’s Books


“CTL is our preferred supplier for IT hardware.”

Shane Prychun, IT Department
Roth’s Fresh Markets


“Working with CTL has been easy and a pleasure and very professional. There is follow-through.  For example, during a period of tight supply on Chromebooks, the staff reserved systems for me in the next shipment and made sure to work with me at every step so I knew what was happening and the timing of the orders. There was a clear sense that they were looking out for my interests, and not just selling computers. Thanks CTL!”

Craig Donnan, MA, Systems Administrator
Washington West Supervisory Union


“CTL has been a go-to vendor for Bi-Mart for many years. Often the best price in the market, good quality and on-time delivery. As a Northwest-based, employee-owned company, Bi-Mart values long-term partnerships. CTL has always shown a willingness to work with us to offer custom deals that meet our needs. That quality of working with us, rather than just offering us packaged offerings, defines a good partner.”

Joel Rosenberg, Vice President of Information Systems
Bi-Mart Corporation


Looking for more information about CTL’s products, services and support? Contact CTL or call 1-800-642-3087 today to learn more. We’re here to help you with all your technology and IT needs.

CTL® Education Chromebooks Plus Anthro Carts a Winning Combination for Centennial School District

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
Stephanie Shea holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has almost 20 years of writing experience ranging from newspaper reporting to PR, blogging, website copy, product descriptions, social media and advertising. When she’s not at CTL, Stephanie can be found playing the tenor sax, practicing astrology or hitting the running trails in Forest Park.
Stephanie Shea

Anthro YES cart in use with CTL Education Chromebooks

Anthro YES Cart with CTL Education Chromebooks. Photo by Frank Decker

CTL and Anthro Carts a Solution for Centennial School District

Having worked with education and technology for over a decade, Frank Decker has a strong sense of what schools need to meet the challenge of implementing 1:1 e-learning and assessment. Before becoming the Executive Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Assessment  for the Centennial School District in Oregon, Frank was a computer technology teacher for over 10 years in Vancouver, Washington’s Evergreen School District. He’s seen 1:1 e-learning through the eyes of a teacher who needs reliable equipment and an IT Director who needs manageability and optimal performance.

In his current position, Decker oversees the classroom technology for the Centennial School District, which covers an area of Southeastern Portland with a total enrollment of 6,400 students. He says his biggest challenges are time and resources. Decker is always looking for solutions that will help to streamline his workflow by being easy to deploy and maintain.

The district has been gradually implementing laptops and tablets into their classrooms for several years, often testing out the technology in just one or two classrooms at first. In the past, certain classrooms have deployed iPads or Samsung Chromebooks. When Decker came on board, he began evaluating a number of Chromebooks including HP, Acer and the CTL® Education Chromebook. After comparing products, Decker decided to go with the CTL® Education Chromebook. “I like the fact that the CTL® Education Chromebook was the only model at its price point to have a Quad Core Intel Processor.” “Also no other Chromebooks had the liquid resistant keyboard and rotating camera,” he added.

Another thing that has made CTL® a good fit for Centennial is the fact that CTL® is a partner of Anthro, the maker of the classroom charging carts being used in the district. Anthro, also a Portland, Oregon area business, is a leading manufacturer of office and computer desks and furniture including classroom tablet and laptop charging carts. Decker says the district has been happy with all the Anthro carts they’ve purchased in the past. Recently, they purchased the Anthro’s YES cart for mini-laptops (compatible with all Chromebooks up to a 13’’ screen and some 14’’). Because CTL® is an Anthro partner, the district was able to order both their Chromebooks and charging carts from CTL® making the transaction more efficient.

Decker likes the construction and features of the Anthro carts, for example, how the doors pop off to make the inside easily accessible. “I like the dividers and wire management that has the wires going through the divider with holes for zip ties. It’s easy to get the length correct on the cable and that helps the cables last longer because they are not being pinched, bumped around or stretched,” he said. “Anthro carts are competitively priced, well built and last a long time,” he added.

Looking forward, Decker foresees implementing many more CTL® Education Chromebooks throughout the Centennial School District. They are currently using 150 of the Chromebooks for the 2014-2015 school year and plan to deploy 1500 more of them in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms over the next three years, he said. “My experience with CTL® has been great,” he said, adding that he was very happy with how CTL® was able to have the district’s logo custom printed on the cover

CTL and 2goPC Win Best of Portland Award!

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
Stephanie Shea holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has almost 20 years of writing experience ranging from newspaper reporting to PR, blogging, website copy, product descriptions, social media and advertising. When she’s not at CTL, Stephanie can be found playing the tenor sax, practicing astrology or hitting the running trails in Forest Park.
Stephanie Shea

For the second year in a row we’ve been honored with the Best of Portland award for electronic computers. This morning we received this notice:

For the second consecutive year, I am pleased to announce that CTL / 2go
PC has been selected for the 2011 Best of Portland Award in the Electronic
Computers category by the US Commerce Association (USCA).

Nationwide, only 1 in 70 (1.4%) 2011 Award recipients qualified as
Two-Time Award Winners. I’m sure that your selection as a 2011 Award
Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many
people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent
success of your organization. Congratulations on your selection to such an
elite group of small businesses.

We’re thrilled to receive this award!

What Do Customers Have To Say About CTL?

Mike Mahanay

Mike Mahanay

Chief Marketing Officer at CTL
When not spending time with my wife and daughter outside, or hiking, or cooking, or remodeling my house (or taking pictures of any of the above), I’m the Chief Marketing Officer here at CTL.
Mike Mahanay

CTL Customer Quotes and Testimonials

“I’m very pleased with the quality and performance of…TVs from CTL. I believe in the quality of the product, to have placed 250 LCD TV(s from CTL) on the USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier stationed in Yokosuka Japan.”

Steve Ross
United States Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM)
Consumer Electronics Video Buyer

“I wanted to express my satisfaction for the quality products and customer service that CTL has provided to the State of Oregon over the past several years.  The computer hardware the state has purchased has met or exceeded our expectations and the customer service is unsurpassed. I would especially like to express my thanks for the many times we have asked for unique products that we were unable to find anywhere else.  CTL built custom designs for us to meet our unusual requirements. I am pleased that CTL is now available to our State agencies and local government via the WSCA agreements.  I hope others will take the opportunity to explore your offerings and get to know the fine people that make CTL what it is.”

Lena Ferris
Lead State Procurement Analyst – IT Team
State of Oregon – DAS State Procurement Office

[CTL PCs, CTL Monitors, CTL Laptops, 2go Netbooks]

“We made a major transition when we went to CTL and we have been happy with the decision. They supply all of our core desktop PCs and we are testing Net tops. We recently had to replace over 20 monitors for our 911 center (not planned) and CTL got the delivery to us overnight. Customer Service is excellent.”

Patricia A. Scarci
SDI Manager
City of Eugene, OR / Information Services

[CTL PCs, CTL Monitors, 2go Netbooks]

“I have personally worked with CTL for over 5 years and in that time have had occasion to contact their organization for information and help in resolving technical issues that my customers were experiencing.  They have always been quick to respond with solutions to provide my customers with a fast response to minimize downtime.   Service was always prompt, thorough, and professional as they assisted with the issue at hand.  I wish more suppliers had the same level of service and dedication that CTL has provided to me to assist my customers.”

Eric Brown
Vice President of Manufacturing and Technical Support
Howard Technology Solutions

[CTL Monitors, Laptops, 2go Netbooks]

“We buy from CTL because of their quick turn around on our orders and the high quality of their products. Moving to CTL from our previous vendors has dramatically decreased hardware issues we used to deal with.”

Craig Luis
Hardware Support &
Technology Acquisition Manager
Linfield College

[CTL PCs, CTL Monitors, CTL Laptops, 2go Netbooks]

“CTL has proven to be prompt and reliable over the long haul as we have been customers for over ten years. They provide top-notch assistance and advice as we make purchasing decisions, and their support crew is easy to work with and ever helpful.”

Sallie Peila
Harney ESD/ Eastern Oregon Technology

[CTL PCs, CTL Monitors, CTL Laptops, CTL Servers, 2go Netbooks]

“The City of Lincoln City has been working with CTL for 8 years. During that time our organization has purchased all of our desktop PCs and servers from them. We have found their products to provide excellent performance and reliability at a cost effective price. We especially appreciate the versatility to configure servers to our own specifications and needs, and their professional advise when doing so. Their staff is exemplary, going out of their way to insure we have what we need for our operations, and providing prompt, professional service. “

Dan Schmidt
Systems Administrator
City of Lincoln City, OR

[CTL PCs, CTL Monitors, CTL Laptops, CTL Servers]

“Sherwood School District has been a CTL customer for more than a decade, and we continue to work with CTL because of their outstanding customer service and ability to deliver a good product for the right price. It is important that our vendors work closely with us and I am confident saying that CTL is a trusted partner. “

Traci Sutherland
Director of Technology
Sherwood School District – Sherwood, OR

[CTL PCs, CTL Monitors, CTL Laptops, 2go PCs, CTL Servers]