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CTL Chromebooks & First Book: Closing the Education Equality Gap

CTL Chromebooks & First Book: Closing the Education Equality Gap

Laura Helms

Laura Helms

Content Manager at CTL
Laura Helms holds a BA in Applied Linguistics and has been working in content and social media management for 4+ years. Native to the Pacific Northwest when she isn't in front of a computer screen you can find her teaching yoga or creating large scale mosaic murals.
Laura Helms

CTL is Proud to Offer Chromebooks on the First Book Marketplace

CTL is proud to offer CTL Chromebooks for Education on the First Book Marketplace. First Book is a national charity working to close the educational equality gap by providing books and resources to low-income schools and programs across the United States.

Educational Inequality Facts: Did You Know?

  • More than half of U.S. public school students live in low income households.
  • In some of the lowest income neighborhoods, there is just one book for every 300 children.
  • Two-thirds of children from low-income families lack access to books.
  • 79 percent of fourth graders from low-income households do not read proficiently—a key predictor of a child’s future educational and economic success.
  • Poor educational outcomes are tied to poverty, unemployment, illness, dependence on welfare, social exclusion and crime.


CTL and First Book Work to Even the Playing Field for Students

CTL and First Book both understand closing the educational equality gap by working to provide important tools and resources to schools and programs. CTL works on 1-to-1 Chromebook initiatives and supports organizations that provide those in need with educational technology tools. For First Book, it’s working to increase interest in reading, to raise reading proficiency levels, and to relieve stress on teachers by expanding access to tools and resources for their students. The impact of First Books reaches far beyond the classroom walls to maximize greater success for students later in life. That is something everyone can get behind.

First Book Makes History One Story at a Time

In 1992, First Book started as a small group of volunteers in a few communities who were dedicated to providing an ongoing supply of books to schools and programs working with children from low-income families. This group of volunteers quickly grew and spread across the U.S. In 1995, First Book became a full-time operation and in 1998, they launched their National Book Bank. The operation was a first of its kind, a centralized distribution system providing large-scale donations from publishers of children’s books to schools and programs. The First National Book Bank now distributes over 8 million books annually.
First Book delivers critical tools to over 150,000 educators and program leaders, partnering with schools, libraries and museums, military families, early childhood programs, shelters and clinics, and afterschool programs. Their steadfast work has earned them a superior four-star rating from Charity Navigator, an independent charity watchdog organization. Even former President Obama and former First-Lady Michelle Obama have begun a partnership through Random House Publishing with First Book.

CTL Chromebooks on the First Book Marketplace

The First Book Marketplace, established in 2008, is an online store for registered programs offering high-quality children’s books listed at a greatly discounted rate. Now included in this marketplace, as the sole provider of laptop devices, you will find CTL models J2, J4+, NL61, and the J5 Rugged Convertible Chromebooks with 2-year warranties included. To learn more about First Book and to visit their online marketplace, visit

The CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook Earns High Marks From Promevo

Stephanie Shea

Stephanie Shea

Marketing Manager at CTL
Stephanie Shea holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia and has almost 20 years of writing experience ranging from newspaper reporting to PR, blogging, website copy, product descriptions, social media and advertising. When she’s not at CTL, Stephanie can be found playing the tenor sax, practicing astrology or hitting the running trails in Forest Park.
Stephanie Shea

The CTL Education Chromebook Now Available at Promevo

Promevo, one of the largest Premier Google Apps and Chromebooks resellers in North America recently ran an extensive evaluation on the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook and their findings outline this device’s exceptional durability and performance.

“We evaluated the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook’s design, performance, and battery life and discovered the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook to be a rugged and durable 11.6” Chromebook, with the specs to perform great in any environment. Additionally, we found that the CTL NL6 Education Chromebook has an average boot up speed of 7.9 seconds, an octane score of about 7,311 plugged in, and exceptional HD video performance. The CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook’s rugged design and exceptional performance are sure to make it a strong competitor in the Chromebook marketplace,” Promevo reviewer Greg Middendorf, states.

The CTL® Education Chromebook was evaluated for design, including the case, keyboard, touchpad, display, speakers, temperature and battery life. Performance tests included Boot Up Speed, Octane, Motion Display (using WebGL Aquarium), Chrome Browser testing and HD Video.

To watch Promevo’s unboxing video and read the entire report on the CTL Education Chromebook, go to:

CTL® launched their NL6 Education Chromebook in July of this year. This device is becoming popular with educators and school IT departments because it’s quick to deploy and easy to manage. The CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook is designed specifically for education and has unique features such as a ruggedized design, non-slip texture, carry handle and rotatable camera. We’re proud to have Promevo as a reseller for the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook –  visit to order today!