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Google email for business – Custom email and more!

Google email for business from CTL

CTL is your source for Google email for business, which offers email for your domain, 30GB inbox storage and more

CTL has partnered with Google to offer our customers Google Apps for work, including Google email for business. An email address from your business’s web domain gives you a professional image, which helps to build customer trust. Google email for business allows you to create as many group mailing lists as your company needs and unlimited group email addresses. Gmail for business offers many benefits that are not available to personal Gmail users.

  • Custom email (
  • Unlimited group email addresses
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • 30GB inbox storage – twice the storage of personal Gmail
  • Zero ads
  • 24/7 support
  • Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook
  • Automatic back ups
  • Spam protection
  • Industry-leading security measures to protect your business data

If you’re on the go like most business people today, you’ll appreciate using Google mail for business iOs and Android apps that will allow you to read and draft messages across mobile and desktop platforms. Even when you’re not online, Gmail for business will save your draft messages and send them when you’re back online. Another powerful tool that’s part of the Google email for business package is Hangouts, which enables users to chat with colleagues, dial a customer’s phone number and host or join a video meeting, straight from their inbox.

There’s no better time to sign up for Google mail for business. Gmail works great with desktop clients like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Outlook users can sync emails, events and contacts to and from Google Apps. It’s easy to migrate your email from Outlook, Exchange or Lotus easily with custom tools that will ensure your important messages are saved. If you’re wear a few different hats in your company, you’ll love the ability to create multiple email aliases (up to 30 for each user!)

Google email for business is just one of the many useful apps to improve office efficiency that’s available with Google Apps for Work. Contact us today to learn more about Google Apps for Work! Use the link transfer my Google Apps for Work billing to CTL to switch your Google Apps for Work billing to CTL.


Bretford Furniture Now Available Through CTL

Bretford Furniture Core 36M Chromebook store and charge cart from CTL

Bretford Furniture Core 36M Chromebook store and charge cart from CTL

CTL Partners with Bretford Furniture to Offer Our Customers Chromebook Storage Charging Carts and Work Space Furniture

By Jasmine Overton, Sales Manager

Does your office or school work space need a re-design?  As the technology we work with changes, so do our needs for work space furniture.  We’ve recently partnered with Bretford Furniture so we can help our customers create more ergonomic and efficient office or school work spaces. Bretford designs and manufactured dependable furniture solutions that enhance how people learn and work. Founded in 1948, Bretford has a history of creating smart products that support evolving technology.

Bring your office or school up-to-date with the latest technology with Bretford Furniture solutions from CTL. Below we show just a few examples of how Bretford Furniture from CTL can integrate with your office or classroom’s mobile devices. Contact CTL to learn more about our stylish and technology-friendly furniture from Bretford!

When we introduced our CTL Education Chromebook last year, we also began pursuing more ways to help our education customers achieve efficiency in their classrooms. By partnering with Bretford Furniture, we’ve been able to provide necessary furniture items such as Chromebook store and charge carts as well as tables and chairs that include power sources and encourage collaboration. Below are just a few of the Bretford Furniture products available through CTL.


Bretford Furniture Core 36M Chromebook Storage Charging CartBretford Furniture Core 36M Storage Charging Cart

Optimized for various Chromebooks while designed with a small footprint to support an agile learning environment. The digital timer distributes rotating power to groups of electrical strips every three minutes, allowing for efficient charging on one 15 amp wall circuit. Ships fully assembled and ready for use

 Photo: Bretford Core 36M


Bretford Furniture MOTIV Soft Seating

MOTIV™ seating creates the opportunity to share and create almost anywhere. Designed to support countless configurations. Choose from an extensive collection of fabrics or leathers for our soft seating chairs, sofas, and benches.  Add power to ensure devices stay charged.

Bretford MOTIV sofaBretford Furniture MOTIV Freestanding Sofa

Expanding the boundaries of the classroom, today’s common areas bring students and their ideas together. Optional power plates house 120V and USB power outlets provide support for any of today’s mobile devise. MOTIV Freestanding Soft Seating creates the opportunity to share and create almost anywhere.

Photo: EDUML450TP MOTIV Sofa Armed with Power & Tablet


Bretford Furniture MOTIV ChairBretford Furniture MOTIV Chair Armed with Tablet

Put soft seating into an open area and watch interaction happen. With 120V and USB power options in any configuration, students can readily access information and each other to collaborate effectively. Comfortable armed or armless chairs. A variety of benches. We have a solution that’s right for you.


Photo: EDUMS350TRPR Motiv Chair Armed with Tablet


Bretford Furniture EXPLORE Chair

Bretford Furniture EXPLORE Chair

Comfort is key to learning and the stacking chair brings it to the classroom. Comfortable back support keeps students relaxed and engaged. Stack and nest up to five chairs for easy movement and storage. Glide options supports stationary installations, and casters allow for ease of mobility. The EXPLORE Chair has achieved Greenguard Gold Certification.


Photo: Bretford EDUSTC EXPLORE® Chair Armed with Casters


Bretford EXPLORE Series Tables

Bretford EXPLORE T-Leg Table from CTLBretford EXPLORE T-Leg Collaborative Laptop Table

Collaboration is key in today’s educational environment and this table delivers. Ideal alone or arranged in groups. Designed for use with Fluid Up power system and available with casters or glides. Lightweight and easy to move, the EXPLORE T-Leg Collaborative Laptop Table has achieved Greenguard Gold Status.


Photo: Bretford EDUCDP2460 EXPLORE T-LEG Collaborative Laptop Table with Glides & Power


Bretford EXPLORE Flip and Nest Table from CTLBretford EXPLORE Flip and Nest Collaborative Table

When a learning environment must be adaptable, the flip and nest table provides the solution. Use a hard working multi-purpose work table then, as needs change, flip the table surface, nest the tables together and store effortlessly and efficiently. Models designed for use with the Fluid up power system. EXPLORE Flip and Nest Collaborative Table has achieved Greenguard Gold Status.

Photo: Bretford EDUF2448 EXPLORE Flip and Nest Collaborative Table






Google Apps Domain Questions? Top Five Questions About Google Apps for Work Answered

Google Apps Domain - Google Apps for Work

CTL Answers Some of the Top Google Apps Domain Questions for People Considering the Switch to Google Apps for Work

By Aaron Pearson, Sr. Account Representative, Great Lakes Region

Did you know that more than 5 million businesses have made the move to Google Apps Domain to help employees work better together and be more productive anytime, anywhere? Because Google Apps for Work is cloud-based, software updates are made by simply refreshing your browser. With Google Apps Domain, there are no servers to purchase and maintain, which streamlines cost and effort for IT departments. Google Apps Domain includes secure, reliable workplace tools for email, calendar, text and video chat, document creation, project websites and online storage and sync. And, did you know that CTL is your source for Google Apps for Work? Learn more information about Google Apps for Work here.

We’ve compiled some of the top Google Apps Domain questions that people considering making the switch to Google Apps for Work are asking. Read on to learn if Google Apps for Work is right for your organization.

1. What makes Google Apps for Work different than what I’m currently using?

  • Google is recognized as a trusted name and industry leader in reliable cloud infrastructure and therefore were able to pioneer a cloud-based service from the ground up.
  • The Google Apps suite is a complete package that includes file storage and sharing with Google Drive, real-time collaboration with Google Docs, video meetings with Hangouts and professional email with Gmail.
  • Google Apps users can count on consistency in their experience across different devices, operating systems and browsers.
  • Offline support for Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs let users view, edit and create content when they’re not on the internet, syncing automatically when they reconnect.
  1. What benefits does Google Apps for Work offer that similar free products do not?
  • Professional email at your domain
  • Additional storage across Gmail and Drive
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Outlook
  • Enhanced security features
  • Full administration of all user accounts
  1. Is Google Apps for Work compatible with my current email client?

Yes. In addition to accessing Google Apps mail from the Gmail web interface, you can send and receive mail from your favorite desktop client

  1. Can I try Google Apps for Work for Free?

Yes. When you  sign up for Google Apps for Work, you will automatically be granted a free 30-day trial for up to 10 users.

  1. Can I replace my current software with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides?

Many Google Apps users are able to rely exclusively on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, as these productivity tools enable you to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. They have the added benefit of allowing users to collaborate together in real time. There’s no software to install and Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are compatible with files made in other programs such as Microsoft Office.

Contact us today to learn more about Google Apps for Work! Use the link transfer my Google Apps for Work billing to CTL to switch your Google Apps for Work billing to CTL.

OETC IntegratED and AcceleratED Conferences February 25-27, 2015 – CTL to Showcase Education Solutions

CTL Education Solutions at the OETC IntegratED and AcceleratED conference

Educators: Join CTL at the OETC IntegratED and AcceleratED Conferences February 25-27, 2015

CTL is proud to represent our solutions for educators at the upcoming Oregon Educational Technology Consortium OETC IntegratED and AcceleratED conferences in Portland, Oregon. The OETC IntegratED Conference is a three-day event from Wednesday, February 25 through Friday, February 27, 2015. This learning conference is focused on technology integration strategies and networking for technology providers and educators. The OETC IntegratED conference will offer a supportive community with informational sessions designed for educators to teach and learn collaboratively. The IntegratED conference will focus on developing the skills and strategies needed for enhanced teaching and learning experiences. Both the OETC IntegratED and AcceleratED conferences will offer valuable information for educators, administrators and IT professionals.

CTL has a long history of developing classroom solutions, including our line of 2go PC clamshells and tablets as well as the CTL Education Chromebook, which has become widely popular after being introduced in June of 2014. CTL doesn’t just provide hardware to educational institutions, we’re also your one stop shop for classroom management platforms such as Hapara or Chrome Management Console as well as store and charge carts, White Glove enrollment services, logo painting on Chromebooks and more. CTL is a partner to educators by offering special pricing, customized solutions and excellent customer service. Learn more about CTL education pricing and contracts on our website or contact CTL.

The OETC AcceleratED conference is a one day event customized for educational administrators. This technology integration strategies conference will be held on Wednesday, February 25. Sessions are designed to be small, personalized environments where administrators can teach and learn collaboratively. This year’s OETC IntegratED and AcceleratED Conferences have sold out. If you did not purchase a ticket for this year’s event and would like to attend, you can join the waitlist. We hope to see you at this event!

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